For Your Company

ProTek brings you the ultimate surveillance and digital imaging tool.
ProTek’s technology has skyrocketed past outmoded surveillance technology standards creating new uses never thought possible for IP based digital motion surveillance

For Your Home

ProTek is the company to bring our customers explosive imaging detail – making any remote location an interactive, live, reality TV show – over the Internet!
It’s a thrilling new era for digital video. And with it comes a whole new spectrum of uses, ready to improve our lives in ways we’ve never thought of before. High quality digital video imagery uses have exploded!


Why Choose Us

  • It’s all in living color – with backlight compensation – with no camera adjustments – with the ability to adjust exposures on the fly all from your PC, anywhere in the world. Use your own Web interface, and stream to multiple DVRs offsite with instant playback!
  • There’s NO switching tapes. And no need to sit there, monitoring your site. Wait for an Email to notify you if there’s movement at your site!
  • Integrate, Upgrade – You’ve Got it Made – Unlimited Lifetime
  • Our systems are built on an open platform – so there’s no fear of being locked in by proprietary technology commitments.
  • There’s no limited lifetime to our technology. Add cameras, take cameras away – upgrade systems easily!
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