The Benefits of Working with a Recruiter

The Benefits of Working with a Recruiter

There are many benefits to developing a relationship with an industry recruiter, even when you’re happily employed. Like an accountant or a lawyer, an industry recruiter supports your personal goals and more specifically your career success. Business can be competitive, so having someone by your side who understands your industry and the market you’re in, is a clear advantage when you’re navigating career decisions. The right recruiter offers informed advice and relevant business intelligence because they work directly with the companies you will want to consider when you’re ready to advance to the next level.

Hidden Opportunities

First and foremost, your industry recruiter gives you access to career opportunities that may never hit the open market. You may never hear about certain openings in your business community (often the most career advancing) without your recruiter. Many opportunities industry recruiters give you access to are confidential, so you won’t find them on job boards. Often these higher-level opportunities are filled through a recruiting firm.

Front of the Line Access

An industry recruiter will take the time to understand your background and experience. They will identify roles that are the best fit for your career goals, preferred scope of responsibilities, and current personal situation. Once they know where you aspire to go next, and because of their deep relationships with hiring managers within the industry, they give you front line access to the hiring managers you want to meet. You won’t get lost in a pile of resumes and won’t be overlooked by the companies you want to work with. Your Recruiter represents you to the right people in the best way possible, allowing you to get in front of decision makers directly, increasing your odds of landing your dream job.

Expertise in Your Niche

Many Recruiters specialize in an industry niche and have a deep-rooted understanding of the market in which they work. Because of this market mastery, recruiters are familiar with all of the major companies and already know the hiring managers and the company’s culture and expectations. They will be able to determine which company has the culture that best matches your values and work personality, assuring a better experience and higher-level interviewing success.

Effective Preparation

Recruiters use their expertise in the field to help prepare you for interviews. You will know more about the company and the job opportunity with a recruiter than without. They know what will help you stand out in the interview phase, and how to position your interest and experience to best advantage. When you come into a meeting with a good amount of knowledge about the people who work at the company and the direction that the organization is heading, you have a better opportunity to make a lasting positive impression. With a more traditional approach to a job hunt, you might land a job interview, but without the insider’s knowledge, you may not achieve the same result. When working with your recruiter, you not only get the interview – you will be well prepped to understand the company, the hiring agenda, and the way to best model your skillset and background to interview at the highest level possible.

Career Advancement

You might have a job you like, which is great – and when you are ready to consider your next move, having an industry recruiter and all of the resources and advice they can bring, you’ll have a better long-term trajectory of your career. People who stay informed about the market and the opportunities are the ones who accelerate their careers with companies they love, doing work that is meaningful.

Most major job opportunities won’t just fall into your lap. It’s important to be proactive about your career plan. Working with a recruiter gives you an edge that you can’t get any other way. If you haven’t already – find an industry recruiter and schedule brief call to discuss your long term plan – see how they can support you every step of the way.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

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