Meet Our Team

Get to know the top executive recruiters in Insurance.

Cris is the Director of Business Development with a focus on supporting all the recruiters of Newman Group Search, on a national scale, to increase and elevate the searches for the team.

“Work smarter, NOT harder!” is his professional motto. There will always be new technology and processes that will make work life more efficient.

Cris believes every step in his career has been a blessing that came with a large amount of knowledge and growth in both his personal and professional career.

Straight out of college, Cris got into personal lines insurance sales. Days spent knocking on doors in a suit, while battling the Texas summer heat, taught him the importance of closing the deal. The value of the word “No” changed for him is this position. It quickly solidified that “No”, was just a step closer to the next “Yes”.  

After achieving the top sales award, named “The mustang Grand Diamond Award”, He then went on to become a reinsurance underwriter for a large commercial insurance company and then got back into sales again, selling software and copiers to businesses all around Houston. Ultimately, his love of insurance led him back to becoming a marketing rep for a large personal lines aggregator. During his 7 years at the wholesaler, he managed over 1200 independent agents and was able to increase total written premium by over $35 million through multiple carriers.

“Never Burn a Bridge!” You never know who will end up where in life. If you make a conscious decision to always be kind and treat everyone with respect, blessings will always sprout from the good seeds sowed in the past.

In his personal life, Cris fathers twin boys alongside his beautiful and incredibly smart wife. They are his whole world. Whether it’s vacationing, swimming anywhere there is water, or playing with his kids, family time is his number one pass time. Cris has also been playing drums at his local church since he was 5 years old. He enjoys a wide variety of music, food and video games.

His goal is to focus on growing through bringing value to the clients we serve and the people whose careers we can impact.