Candidate FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

As industry recruiters, we have direct relationships with the hiring managers you want to meet when you’re ready to make a career move. We bring you to the front of the line. We are experts in career transition and will guide you through the process, providing information and advice to help you make the best decision for yourself. Finally, we’re right next to you in negotiating your new role, including compensation, benefits, title and key details of the offer so you’ll get the offer you want to accept.

Deep roots in our areas of specialty. We know who the companies are and what they have to offer you. We help you make the best possible presentation. We bring you into our network and give you access to best-in-class interview training habits and methods to ensure you’re prepared at every step.

We also offer confidentiality during the search process.

The companies we recruit for pay our fees.

Absolutely. We know how to illustrate your translatable skills and overall fit for a new industry. We’ve helped many people successfully navigate a career transition to a new industry.

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