Why Hire a Recruiter?

Why Hire a Recruiter?

In the current world of talent acquisition, competition is fierce. Unfortunately, most companies continue to settle for active candidates who are either unemployed, unhappy with their current employer or who may be job hoppers. What many hiring managers fail to realize is there is another talent pool they are missing – the passive candidate talent pool. These people are not actively on the market but presenting them with the right career opportunity might just change their minds. The best recruiters have built a network to successfully land the most talented people, from those who are already working and succeeding in your industry.

Access to Passive Candidates

Opting to engage a recruiter who is vetted in the industry means you will have access to an undiscovered pool of top candidates. Search consultants can find the “hardest to find” talent with the skill sets and background to be a great fit for your company. Through their deep industry contacts, recruiters have an already built roster of these passive candidates. Working with an industry recruiter is an easy decision when you need quick access to the best talent.

Efficiency and Speed

Clients who enlist the help of recruiters save time because of the insider knowledge that they have within a market. Remember, keeping a position vacant for extended periods of time is expensive and often leads to other team members being overworked. Recruiters have streamlined the entire screening routine to ensure that there are no delays during the hiring process.

Dedicated Resources

Recruiters bring their lasting relationships in the industry along with specialized search models that produce quick results. Recruiters remove barriers you may have when recruiting within your business community or from your competitors. The best candidate for your job opening is probably already working in the industry somewhere else, but they would love to know what other career options might be available to them.

Candidate Openness

Some candidates may not paint an accurate picture of their skills and experience on paper, and so are overlooked. Some of the best people don’t write great resumes. Industry recruiters know how to dig deeper to understand their real talent and know how to do discover their achievements and reputation. Search consultants help you identify those potential “sleepers” because candidates are more forthcoming with them. They are often more open about their previous job experiences and goals and aspirations for the next phase of their career.

Average job postings can receive hundreds of resumes (from candidates who may not even be qualified), overburdening busy HR departments, and slowing down access to the right hires. Engaging a recruiter helps companies to get the right candidates interviewing quickly and helps to improve their overall vacancy levels by getting great people hired.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

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