Develop a Plan For Interviewing

Develop a Plan For Interviewing

The hiring process for most companies can be very time consuming. Many hiring managers don’t start scouting for candidates until they have a spot to fill. I suggest a different approach; I recommend continually targeting of new talent and scheduling a specific number of potential candidate interviews regularly. Companies that interview continually reap numerous benefits, including a faster hiring process and higher productivity. Here are some additional benefits to consider.

You’ll have More Options

Hiring managers will have more candidates to choose from when they are always interviewing. two weeks to search for qualified candidates to interview, limits your hiring pool. Not everyone you’ll want to meet is job hunting and aware of or reading job postings. The more people you have met with, the less likely it is you will have to settle for whoever responds to a posting.

You’ll Gain Valuable Experience

If you are always looking for talent, you gain a lot of important experience. That experience includes the obvious; you’ll know exactly what a good hire looks like, and you’ll be able to spot great talent right away. You’ll also become more familiar with the mar-ket; good companies to hire from, what background people gain from each related organization in your market. And you’ll quickly learn more about hiring trends, as well as your competitors.

Topgrade Mediocre Employees

You will be able to topgrade mediocre employees more easily. Every manager can re-late to keeping unhappy, or unproductive people because they have not identified a viable replacement. This concept changes that completely. You’ll have access to more opportunity to hire great talent and will quickly find that you hold your current team to a higher standard.

Improve the Hiring Process

With all the practice you’ll get, you’ll develop an optimal interview style. You’ll have access to market intel you didn’t have before. Most importantly, you’ll interview better. You’ll have a deeper ability to ask great questions and evaluate the answers and the people who give them.

Increase Staff Morale and Performance

Vacant positions put a lot of stress on staff, opening them up to considering other opportunities. They may work overtime to compensate for the labor shortage and become unhappy if this goes on too long. Having an effective hiring process in place can in-crease staff morale, because they see the progress toward hiring additional, great people. Great employees like to work with other high performers.

Whether you want to shorten your hiring process, improve your own hiring techniques, decrease the pressure to hire too quickly, or encourage better employee performance, continually interviewing candidates can transform your hiring process. It gives you an edge in a tight labor market and gives you optimal choices when you do hire. It can al-so provide an advantage over your competitors who don’t have an ‘Always be Inter-viewing’ business philosophy. Happy hiring.

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