7 Principles of Psychology You Can Use to Improve Your Team Dynamics

7 Principles of Psychology You Can Use to Improve Your Team Dynamics

Most employers want talented professionals who can stand on their own. They want independent, hard workers that know how to get a job done. However, it is even more important to have a high-performing team that can collaborate with each other and make each other better. These principles of psychology can help you improve your team dynamics.

Sense of Purpose

A team without an identity will likely struggle to succeed. A shared identity creates a sense of belonging. Team identity allows for the group to share a common goal, while also allowing each team member to have a unique role. This allows the team to work together to meet collective milestones, while giving each member a unique sense of purpose.


A team is at its best when each member is motivated to succeed. Incentives keep spirits high and make the team more excited to work together to meet their goals. While monetary incentives help, the best motivators include personal and professional satisfaction, the opportunity to work on high-profile projects, and a sense of pride. A team environment where members build each other up also help to keep motivation high.

The Individual

Each individual approaches team work differently. Some focus more on people, while others focus more on tasks. Some think only about the present, while some are focused more on the future. Some people speak their minds more readily than others. You need to have a mix of personality types to have a successful team. You don’t want a whole team of people focused on the problem because you won’t have anyone capable of seeing the big picture.


No matter how well a team works together, conflict is inevitable, and people are going to disagree. You want employees who can resolve conflict amicably. People who are open communicators and tolerant of different opinions will be able to resolve conflict quicker than people who are recalcitrant and closed-off. When disagreements are approached with an open mind, it can lead to innovation.

Emotional Awareness

Empathy is important to the success of a team. You want employees who can not only read other people’s emotions but can comprehend and be mindful of those feelings. The emotional health of your team will help determine how driven and cooperative they are.


Most work environments are stressful at times. Good team dynamics can help mitigate the stress, but an uncooperative team will only create more stress. When people are stressed, they often become negative. Employees that can stay positive during stressful situations will help the team stay focused. Look for people who are resilient and optimistic.

Developing a team that can collaborate well together and encourage each other to be their best is one of the most important jobs that a leader has. To succeed, a team needs to have drive and an incentive to work hard to meet the company’s goals. Finding a group of people who complement each other is key.

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