3 Things You Learned in Preschool That Will Help You in Your Job Search

3 Things You Learned in Preschool That Will Help You in Your Job Search

Many of the skills and qualities that make someone a successful professional are things they were taught in college. Yet, some of the lessons we learned in preschool can be even simpler and more valuable when it comes to your job search. These three things you learned as a preschooler can help you improve your job search.

Brush Your Hair

When we were children, our parents had to remind us to brush our hair before leaving the house. Even as adults, it can be easy to forget about the basics when it comes to presenting ourselves while we are looking for work. We’re so busy thinking about our elevator pitch, networking, and interview preparation, that we may forget to just be clean and well put together. Appearances matter. You don’t need the latest hip hairstyle or fashionable clothes, but the basics of grooming really are important. Brush your hair! Talent and experience are only part of the equation. You want to send the message to those around you that you are self-aware enough to be tidy and presentable.


Another simple thing that many job hunters forget to do is smile. Preschoolers are taught to smile when they meet someone new. Yet, as adults, what once came natural can now feel uncomfortable or be totally forgotten when you’re preoccupied with other things. It is especially easy to forget to smile when you’re nervous, and few things are as nerve-racking as going on an interview. Smiling makes a huge difference. Employers are looking for people who have a positive, resilient attitude. Smiling shows them that you want to be there and are excited about the job opportunity. Plus, that positive energy will spread to the person interviewing you, and you want that person to feel happy and enthusiastic about the interview about to take place.

Say “Hi”

The first thing you need to do when you walk into an interview is say “hi” and introduce yourself. Yet, you would be surprised by how many people forget this important first step. As children, we were taught to say “hi” when we meet someone new. Yet, when anxiety is high, introductions are often the first thing we forget to do. When you forget to say “hi,” you may come off as guarded. You want them to see you as approachable and warm. Thus, you want to make the initial greeting between you and the interviewer as comfortable and genuine as you can. This will help make sure you get off on the right foot. This is important during interviews, as well as when you’re networking.

Believe it or not, you learned many skills during preschool that apply to your job hunt. Some of the simplest lessons are the most important. When you’re interviewing or networking, you need to win over the potential employer or reference. Remembering to look your best, smile, and give a warm greeting are three simple things you can do to help ensure you make an excellent first impression.

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