Top Three Benefits from a Workplace Workout

Top Three Benefits from a Workplace Workout

By Megan Escobar

We all know we should exercise daily to improve our overall health. There are many other benefits associated with exercising during the workday.  

Research has found that exercise improves our attitude towards our work, our coworkers, and ourselves. When we exercise, we are more positive and productive due to an increase in focus, a decrease in stress, and an improvement in overall mood.  

1. Improved Focus 

Maintaining focus is a common concern in the workplace. Many of us turn to an extra cup of coffee or an energy drink when in reality, what we actually need is an increase in blood flow and circulation. A workout break is much more effective than a coffee break. Instead of taking an hour lunch, try going to the gym a couple of times per week. Even just a 30-minute workout can naturally boost your energy and refuel the body and mind for the remaining work ahead.  

2. Decreased Stress 

There is no surprise that stress goes hand in hand with work. Stress is damaging both mentally and physically. When we are highly stressed, we tend to be triggered more easily, and our rational decision making is impaired. Physically, stress causes our cortisol levels to increase which has been associated with a number of chronic diseases.  Being stressed is one of the main reasons we feel burnt out or unhappy in our careers, and working out is a great way to reduce these stressors. Something simple, like those suggested in this article from Inc. may be just the ticket.  

3. Improved Happiness 

Exercise increases our happiness and sense of well-being by boosting serotonin levels and releasing endorphins into our bloodstream. Many of us would agree that we feel overall better once finishing a workout. Shoot for thirty minutes to an hour of working out 3-4 times per week for your regular workouts, and to improve your happiness – consider a short walk around the office, or take the stairs at lunch for a quick boost. 

Many companies have caught on to the benefits of employee workouts during the workday. Many actually encourage their people to take a break and go to the gym, some even have a gym on-premises. If you’re one of the lucky ones, take advantage of it! If you’re unable to leave your office try working out before or after work. You’ll be glad you did. 

Get moving, and create a better work environment. It’s great for you and you may just inspire others! 

Megan Escobar is the Recruiting Team Assistant at Sanford Rose Associate – Newman Group and can be reached at