5 Reasons You Dread Hiring (And What You Can Do to Change)

5 Reasons You Dread Hiring (And What You Can Do to Change)

Needing to hire new employees is often a good sign. Your business is flourishing, and you have room to expand. Yet, many people dread hiring. While hiring might not be as emotionally draining as firing, it is still quite challenging. Here are five reasons people dread hiring new employees in the insurance field and how you can improve your process.

1. You’ve Made Too Many Past Mistakes

Nobody makes perfect hiring decisions. When you hire a candidate you think is right for the job but ends up being a disaster, it is quite frustrating. Then you have to start the whole process over again. If you make enough of these mistakes, hiring will become a chore. Don’t let your past hiring mistakes drag you down. After reviewing your process and what went wrong, take a fresh perspective, and begin on a positive note.

2. You Don’t Do It Every Day

Like with most tasks, if you perform it regularly it will become second nature to you. Many employers, however, do not hire new employees often. If you haven’t gone through the hiring process in a year, the prospect can be daunting. You may lack a clear process for evaluating candidates and making sound hiring decisions. One helpful practice is to always be interviewing, whether you need new talent or not. That way you are always sharp, and you have the opportunity to onboard exceptional talent when they are available.

3. You Have Never Sought Out Training

Another reason you may dread hiring is that you haven’t been trained in hiring practices. Maybe your interview questions don’t provide the right information about your candidate. Seeking out training or consulting by an industry recruiter can help. Hiring techniques change with time, so they might be using a hiring process that is antiquated.

4. You Think the Right Person Doesn’t Exist

The goal of hiring is to find the right person for the position. Many employers, however, don’t believe the right person is out there. Naturally, this makes the hiring process more daunting. If you aren’t attracting qualified candidates, you won’t find the right person for the job. You may need to adjust your job descriptions and find ways to broaden your applicant pool, such as using a recruiter that specializes in the insurance niche.

5. You Think the Right Person Doesn’t Want to Work for You

Another frustrating part of hiring is finding perfect candidates who end up turning down your offer. It’s hard enough finding qualified candidates, so when you do find them, you want to win them over. Employers are going to dread hiring if they consistently have trouble convincing their top picks to accept their job offer. You may need to rethink how you’re pitching the company. If you’re describing the company culture in a way that doesn’t align with what candidates value, they aren’t going to want to work for you.

If you dread hiring, there is a likely a flaw in your hiring process. You might not be attracting the right people, or not landing the candidates you want. If this is you, it is good idea to rethink your hiring tactics. Seeking out training and practicing your interview techniques can also help.


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