6 Signs You Need Help with Recruiting

6 Signs You Need Help with Recruiting

Is your company struggling to hire and retain talent? Do you find yourself understaffed? Chances are you need to reevaluate your recruitment strategies. Every company struggles with talent management at some point, no matter how successful they are. Here are six signs that you need help with recruiting.

1. No Shows

A major red flag is having numerous candidates not show up for their interviews. If you can’t get people to show up to interview, you’re doing something wrong. One reason candidates decide not to show up are that the job titles or job descriptions are poorly defined and outdated. If people don’t know exactly what position they’re applying for, they’re much less likely to show up. You can’t just list out job responsibilities, either. Job seekers want to know what the job position will do for them, not just if they’re qualified to do the work.

2. Bad Interviews

Many hiring managers dread giving interviews, but this is especially true if they’re used to bad interviews. If interviews are tedious and uncomfortable, they don’t serve their purpose. A major issue that many companies have is that their interview process has too many steps. Another common problem is that interview questions are cliché and fail to assess how the candidate fits with the company culture. If you leave interviews with the feeling that it could have gone better, you need to rethink your interview process.

3. Turn Downs

One way to know your recruitment strategy is failing is if you make offers that aren’t accepted. This likely means they’re accepting offers from your competitors instead. Perhaps rival companies are providing better compensation and benefits. Maybe other companies are doing a better job communicating their company’s values to the candidate. Or you aren’t keeping a tight enough timeline in getting back to candidates.

4. Your Top 5 Priorities Don’t Include Recruiting

Another sign you need help with recruiting is if recruiting isn’t one of your top five priorities. Hiring should always be near the top of your priority list. The quality of your employees is what allows your company to grow and triumph. If you can’t attract top talent, your company will stagnate. You want to rework your overall company’s strategies to better prioritize recruiting.

5. You Have to Turn Away Business

If you find yourself needing to turn away business, you clearly need to reevaluate your recruitment and retention strategies. You likely don’t have enough team members, or your team members aren’t competent enough to accommodate the current workload. If you have to turn away business, this interferes in your ability to make a profit and grow.

6. Your Backlog is Ridiculous

Likewise, if you have a substantial amount of backlog, you need help with recruiting. You don’t have enough employees to meet the demands of your company. You may think that eventually you will get to everything, but without an effective recruitment strategy, the backlog will just continue to build up.

No matter the size or success of a company, everyone needs help with recruiting from time to time. It is often challenging to know what job seekers are looking for especially in this competitive market. Working with a recruiter will help you appeal to more passive candidates and increase your chances of having job offers accepted.

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